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Planning Your Kitchen or Bath Project

Getting ready to do a complete remodel of your Kitchen or Bathroom is not a simple undertaking. When done properly, it requires highly organized coordination between designing, material selection, material ordering, and installation. You must be certain that all of the new materials are available and correct before you tear out the existing room. In addition, depending upon the scope of the entire project, the optimal sequence may be different for each part of the remodeling (e.g. obtaining permits and inspections, moving walls, changing windows and doors, plumbing, electrical, drywall, painting, cabinets, countertop, flooring, appliance installation, etc). Getting things out of sequence will cost you lots of wasted time and money!

Unfortunately, many Homeowners learn this lesson the hard way. An experienced professional remodeling Contractor should be able to complete a typical Kitchen remodel in 3 to 4 weeks and a typical Bathroom remodel in 2 to 3 weeks. Don’t we all know people who have tried to do their own remodeling and wound up with 4 or more months of aggravation, frustration and extra costs? Most Homeowners would be at a loss to try to find a competent Designer, Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician, Drywaller, Painter, Tile Setter, and other specialists. Not to mention the challenge of being able to accurately know how long each step will take and how to schedule each person several weeks in advance.

How about the “Handyman” type of Contractor who tells you that they can handle your entire project but actually doesn’t have the proper experience and knowledge for planning and implementing a top quality Kitchen or Bathroom remodel? This type of Contractor frequently talks a good game but cannot deliver on those promises. They often have few or no photos to show you of their previous projects and they are usually not members of professional remodeling organizations like NKBA and NARI. The outcome of hiring an unqualified Contractor is often lots of headaches, aggravation, inflated cost overruns, poor quality, and extensive time delays (some people who use “Handyman” contractors have even had to go 6 months without a functional Kitchen or Bathroom!!).

Besides having many years of experience designing and remodeling Kitchens and Bathrooms, Martin Moss is super organized and meticulous about detail. Here are Martin’s steps for designing a typical Kitchen or Bathroom:

  1. Meet with Homeowner to discuss overall project goals.
  2. Discuss structural changes like moving walls, windows, doors.
  3. Discuss changes for lighting, electrical outlets, appliance power feeds and venting.
  4. Discuss changes for plumbing locations including water lines, gas lines, and drains.
  5. Review samples with you and help make selections for cabinets, sinks, faucets, countertops, floor coverings, tiles, toilets, tubs, and other fixtures. Discuss the pros and cons for each option to help you make an informed decision. Martin even brings all of the samples to you! In Kitchens, careful attention must also be given to your appliance choices and any special needs such as downdraft venting or modified power and space requirements.
  6. Calculate an exact price estimate based upon your specific material selections.
  7. Once you have selected Martin as your contractor, he prepares a written remodeling contract which lists everything for your project (including brand names and model numbers) and exactly how much it will cost.
  8. Next, Martin prepares a beautiful set of detailed, full color computer-generated (CAD) drawings of your new Kitchen so that you can visualize the new design before the cabinets are ordered from the factory.
  9. After you have approved the new design, Martin orders all of the new materials needed for the project. This includes a lot of details that other people often forget like matching moldings, special trim pieces and plumbing accessories.
  10. Martin buys his major materials directly from the Manufacturer or Master Distributor. This ensures competitive pricing and reliable delivery times. After ordering the materials for your project, Martin schedules each day’s work in advance. This way, you know what day your project will begin and when it will end.
  11. Once the remodeling begins, Martin personally supervises his expert workmen to ensure good quality and smooth coordination. Martin’s workers are all specialists at just one trade. No Handymen!!
  12. For projects requiring permits and inspections, Martin obtains the permit from your city Building Department and schedules each inspection for the appropriate time. This requires an intimate knowledge of the Building Codes and the proper sequence for each step of the inspection process.
  13. Throughout the remodeling, Martin works closely with you to ensure your satisfaction. His goal is to have you relax and enjoy the remodeling process!!