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CAD Kitchen

Computer Aided Drawings (CAD)

When thinking about your new Kitchen design, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could actually see the new Kitchen before it gets installed? Just think of how much easier the decision-making process would be if you were able to visualize color combinations and various cabinet layouts without having to leave the comfort of your home. This is precisely how Computer Aided Design CAD programs function in the hands of a professional remodeling contractor.Computer aided drafting and design is the perfect kitchen design tool!

CAD KitchenBy combining over 30 years of Bathroom and Kitchen remodeling experience with his thorough knowledge of Kitchen and Bath design, Martin Moss has developed an efficient system for helping Homeowners visualize their new design. Like any other tool, the computer is only as useful as the knowledge of the operator. Martin works closely with you to analyze the efficient use of your entire Kitchen and once you’ve hired him to do your remodeling project, he has the computer draw three dimensional color renderings so you can see how things will look in their new configuration.

As a Kitchen remodeling expert, Martin’s approach is quite different than many other general contractors who are not very knowledgeable about Kitchen layout. Many of the less knowledgeable contractors will suggest that you put new cabinets back in essentially the same layout as your existing Kitchen. Others try to pretend that they are experienced designers but they simply list your Kitchen’s wall dimensions and let the computer fill in the space using whichever cabinets will fit (based solely on size) – with little or no regard to the practicality, efficiency, and cosmetics of your new Kitchen. During the Kitchen design process, Martin evaluates every inch of your Kitchen and helps you achieve the optimal characteristics for the way YOU like to use it. It’s your Kitchen… why shouldn’t you have significant input for the design?

Before, CAD Model, & After Samples:


CAD Kitchen


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