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Cabinet Selection Criteria

When choosing new cabinets for your Kitchen or Bath remodel there are a number of important considerations including: wood species, finish, layout, and construction. Your long-term satisfaction will depend upon making informed decisions about each of these things.

Martin Moss believes in providing you with important details relating to the new cabinets so that you can select the cabinet type which will work best for you. Unfortunately, there are many other Contractors who promote whichever type of cabinet is most profitable for them but not necessarily the best choice for your application. Here are a few points to consider before choosing your new cabinets:

Custom Cabinets are often thought to be really good. However, the word “custom” actually means that the cabinet is made to an exact size. It does not automatically mean that the cabinet is high quality. In fact, in Southern California, the air quality regulations have gotten so strict that custom cabinets almost always have inferior lacquer or urethane finishes which will not hold up well in Kitchens and Bathrooms where moisture and heat are prevalent.

Modular Cabinets are made in a factory setting where automation can help you get more for your money. Since many factories will have different quality standards, it’s important for your Contractor to closely evaluate the construction process and materials used. There is usually an excellent variety of wood species to select from with three or four different colors for each. By choosing a Contractor who really cares about your long-term satisfaction, you are much more likely to get better quality materials.

Modular Cabinets are usually made in a wide range of sizes which also requires your General Contractor to be knowledgeable about how to precisely design the layout. Compared to locally manufactured “Custom Cabinets”, Modular Cabinets can have a major advantage if they are made out of state using a more protective finish than the regular lacquer or urethane used on Custom Cabinets. Kitchens designed using Modular Cabinets can still have loads of special features such as roll out shelves, lazy susans, wine racks, pantries, crown moldings, etc.

Semi-Custom Cabinets are made in a factory setting but are available as specific sizes and colors ordered by your General Contractor. This type of cabinet allows you to achieve the superior finish of a Modular Cabinet (manufactured out of state) with the special size and color characteristics of a Custom kitchen Cabinet. A Kitchen composed entirely of Semi-Custom Cabinets will usually cost significantly more than one with Modular Cabinets. It just depends on what your tastes and budget require.

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